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I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
— Albert Einstein

Are you curious?

Albert Einstein was passionately curious. The “Great Masters of the Past and Present” have always asked lots and lots of questions.

Are you curious? Curious to find the answer to your most important question?

What I have always wanted to ask is …

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This special offer is the chance for you to ask an important question about language, communication or psychology – and receive a completely custom answer directly from me. The answer to this question might help you personally or professionally.

A dream job?

5 years ago a manager in Mannheim asked me for help in getting a new job. He had just been fired from a bank. He asked me some questions via email …

  • How should I come across in the interview?

  • What should I say?

  • What should I not say?

I coached him on how he could shine in the interview in the best way as possible.

He got the great job. And a lot more money.

Which burning question do you have?

John Doorbar

John Doorbar

Just ask me your burning question and I will answer it in on video especially for you. I will visualize the answer on a flipchart and explain it to you at the same time.

A free service.

This is a complimentary service and will give you the opportunity to see how I speak, present and answer your own questions. If you enjoy my video, maybe I can help you or your company in the future.

How it works?

  1. Just sign up for my newsletter and send your question in a reply to the welcome mail.

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  3. I will send you an exclusive link so that you can see my answer to your question.

  4. Then the answer will appear here on my website in anonymous form

I look forward to helping you.

Best wishes,

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