John Doorbar

Seminar 1 | Present yourself well and sell more with confidence

Seminar 1 | Present yourself well and sell more with confidence

A special, new programme to LEARN sell more ideas and products TO CLIENTS and COLLEAGUES


Learn the latest research methods to inspire your audience. Imagine doing presentations that people love and which get them to change their actions. That win business, make money. That save time - yours, your readers, your audiences. Imagine the impact on your job and company.

There are three parts to your programme:


1) Who you are presenting to and what impression do you want to give of yourself

Benefit to you

Audiences will see you as an expert. They will like you more and trust you.


2) What you present

Your audience will be fascinated by yourcontent because it will be directly relevant to them.


3) How you present

Your audience will be influenced to act because you will speak in a way which stimulates them emotionally to buy your ideas and products. You will learn how to be more confident.



General points

  1. How to create a great first impact

  2. Words to use and words not to use

  3. Principles of designing great slides and visuals

  4. How to get your audience involved

  5. Use a structure which will help you audience to remember what you say

More detailed points

In addition to these 5 main agenda points above you will also learn about:

  • Be confident – You will learn about confidence and how to improve it with 5 practical methods

  • Psychology – Understand and use the 6 psychological principles for influencing people

  • Research – Learn the research on how to design and use presentations to influence, interest and inspire

  • Emotions – Use visuals to create an emotional reaction

  • Fascinating content – You will learn about the best content to present to your audience. Best use of stories, quotations and pictures

  • Problems – You will learn what to do when things go wrong when you present

  • Key messages – Your audience will be able to recall your main messages and repeat them to others


  • Trainer: John A. Doorbar

  • Your seminar: Present yourself well and sell more with confidence

  • Timing: 1 day

  • Start and finish: 10.00 – 17.30

  • Location: Wiesloch

  • Investment:

  • Dates: