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John Doorbar has been training and coaching our managers and staff at our company for the last 22 years. We see John as a long-term partner who provides high quality and results-oriented support at all hierarchical levels. We are highly impressed by his professionalism and his expertise and social skills which is demonstrated by the fact that our staff have continually taken part in his training over many years.
— Hans-Peter Müller, HR-Director Sealed Air Central Cluster & Germany

Working with John is great. He is a true professional. He was very flexible in conceptualizing and conducting a leadership training for Hahn Air about the Persolog/DISC personality model. The participants very much appreciated his clear way of explaining things as well as his honest feedback during the sessions.
— Seong-Un Yoon, Manager, Human Resources Hahn Air Lines GmbH

John helped me to understand my team much better.

I lead the division of Corporate Services with several teams. All teams are focussing on very different topics. They do a great job every day, delivering great results. My daily challenge is to understand their individual, still very different needs and to keep a highly diverse group motivated.

John and his course about DISK – (the Persolog Behavioural Profile) helped me a lot to understand the different types and characters in my teams much better. The training, exercises and discussions allowed me to now see the obvious as well as the hidden behaviour patterns more clearly. They are sometimes difficult to understand. And the two days with John gave also me some clear ideas of my own behaviour and how it may be reflected by others – well worth thinking about, too!

I can highly recommend meeting with John if you need an open and honest sparring partner to understand better how you and others interact with each other and to develop valuable ideas (from your own background and situation!) and learn how to deal better in everyday situations with your team.

– Jörg Troester, Head of Corporate Services | Hahn Air Lines in Dreieich

Ein methodisch bis ins Detail durchdachtes and äußerst abwechslungsreiches Training ermöglicht es, auch schwierige Phasen zu meistern und auftretende Konzentrationsschwierigkeiten schnell zu überwinden. John Doorbars großes pädagogisches Geschick,
verbunden mit hoher Fachkompetenz, hat jeden Tag zu einem Erfolg gemacht…
— I. Scholtyssek, Leiterin Personalwesen ABB TRW Transformatorenwerke GmbH

My training sessions with John are goal-oriented and always tailor-made to my specific needs. Our sessions are delivered with enthusiasm and John is fully aware of what I need to learn to do business effectively on an international level.

Really useful and a great investment of time and money.
— Andreas Niggl, Verkaufsleiter F&B Süddeutschland Diversey Deutschland GmbH & Co. oHG

Coaching with John is clearly time well spent!

I received a suggestion that John could help me with practical business issues. And this all in English, the world business language.

I am pleased I followed this tip of my senior manager as I have already received a great big bunch of benefits. Here they are:

I feel more confident in international meetings. This is really important especially in teleconferences. John has shown me great models on film and audio which we use to develop my know-how. This means I am much more flexible when speaking to international colleagues.

John’s email tips make my mails easy to read and crystal clear to my European colleagues.

An additional excellent bonus is that we develop my sales and customer relationship skills by analyzing actual case studies of my business meetings.

A coaching session with John is clearly time well spent!

– Jennifer Bohn | Key Account Manager Retail, Diversey

John überzeugt insbesondere durch seine Methodik, die eine offene vertrauensvolle Lernsituation für alle Teilnehmer bietet, sowie durch die gezielte inhaltliche Ausrichtung auf den Arbeitsbereich unserer Mitarbeiter. Die Trainings werden von unseren Mitarbeitern sehr gern wahrgenommen und sind dementsprechend erfolgreich … Wir planen John Doorbar mit weiteren Seminaren zu beauftragen und können seine Seminare sehr empfehlen.
— Marie-Luise Keuler, Head of Sales Olbo Industrietextilien GmbH, Fulda

The seminar was very useful for the participants. This is to your credit as you are always very well prepared for the trainings.
— Yvonne Schüssler | Springer, HR Development

Sehr gutes Seminar: kompetenter und sympathischer Trainer, der ein sehr praxisnahes Training durchgeführt hat (habe viele praktische Tipps daraus mitgenommen). Er hat sich sehr gut auf dieses Seminar vorbereitet – super Flipcharts!
— Simone Lomitschka, Marketing Communication intranet, nora systems GmbH

John has helped me to optimise my skills.

I asked John to help me to improve my communication skills in English. My challenge was that I have been asked to manage a hotel group with 3 international hotels in Mannheim, Germany.

That is really good news …

And the bad news? Well, managers meet and often speak only English – no German and no Greek!

John Doorbar has helped me to optimise my skills and to prepare really well. This means I am able to speak much better at these meetings. I improve each time John and I meet to discuss my projects at work.

Excellent help! I can warmly recommend him.

– Leandros Kalogerakis

Mr Doorbar tailored the trainings exactly to my specific requirements and the training materials he used were excellent.
— Achim Bolanz, Head of Controlling, APR/E.Commerce, ABB Automation Products GmbH

As a results of his high level teaching skills and John´s personal involvement the communication skills training was up-to-date and extremely well thought through.
— Alois Klingel, Application Engineer JohnsonDiversey

Learning with John is one of the things in life you should do!

He is always enthusiastically engaged and you have the feeling he enjoys every second of the session. You could say he turns his hobby – teaching people – into a profession!

John always asks you about your expectation and aims at the start of every session. Everybody can propose their wishes to make the lessons as fruitful as possible. He includes your own specific problem in a way the whole group benefits!

A lot of conversations about all different kinds of things combined with every possible form of media – like video, tape and books makes the learning time very efficient and interesting. John has a great feeling of communication training in your own specific business area. You never have a bad feeling or a poor motivation during his sessions.

In every second of a seven-hour programme John is more professional than any other teacher I know! I can really recommend having John as a teacher!

He is the best teacher I’ve ever had!

– Marco Kober, Sales Manager | Comtronic GmbH

John’s seminar provided practical benefits which I could use immediately in my own work.
— Philip Bergmann, Manager Steam Turbine Sales Support ABB Alstom Power

Das praxisnahe und auf individuelle Bedürfnisse zugeschnittene Training hat mir geholfen, verschiedene Moderationstechniken zu testen. Insbesondere die Hilfestellungen zum konstruktiven Umgang mit ‘schwierigen’ Gesprächspartnern war sehr hilfreich.
— Bettina Haffelder, Market Segment Manager shops and stores, nora systems GmbH

Very memorable training

John Doorbar’s training was effective, entertaining and very memorable and I am still using many of the strategies John taught us 5 years ago.

Part of what he teaches is about linguistics – an important part. How we use words to influence our audience, in meetings with groups, presentations or one-to-one.

Beyond that he is also an excellent presentation coach for managers who need to sell ideas to groups or individual decision makers.

– Martin Baumgart, Sales Key Account Manager | Berrang Headquarters, Mannheim

Dear John, I’d like to thank you for the outstanding facilitation training you provided us. Beside the enormous amount of information, different tools and useful hints on how to improve our facilitation skills, I found it particularily helpful that you used all of them in your own facilitiation. For me, it intensified the learning process.

The folders you handed out will certainly be used in preparation of my own future meetings and workshops. So will the copies of the flip chart sheets which you sent us afterwards.

I found it very helpful to prepare with you on the phone and then use the tools we learned in the first two days to achieve the goals I myself set up before. It was also a good opportunity to talk about problems we have faced in the meantime as well as to prepare for current workshops.

I think these three days were absolutely worthwhile and I can recommend this training to everyone facing meetings or workshops.
— Kathrin Kutter, Product and Market Segment Manager nora systems GmbH

- Dirk Fellhauer, International Marketing EXPERT, Diversey in Mannheim