John Doorbar

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird

I think the hummingbird is one of our world’s greatest and most fascinating creatures.

It’s a bird that physiologically shouldn’t be able to fly.

Its wing movements are not at all like that of other birds. But not only can they fly, they’re so good at it that they’re the only species which can fly backwards. They’re also one of the few species that can hover.


That’s the reason why I chose a hummingbird as my logo: I love them. I love their dexterity, speed and flexibility. Even though they should not be able to fly, they can!

Change is not easy. When we want to change things in our lives, it is helpful to believe that the difficult or impossible is possible.

Achieve “the impossible” with clear goals, structured actions and perseverance.

The hummingbird is a beautiful metaphor of hope.

Hope that what we want to achieve will actually happen – with clear goals, structured actions and perseverance.