John Doorbar


Present yourself well & sell more.

John Doorbar has been training and coaching our managers and staff at our company for the last 22 years. We see John as a long-term partner who provides high quality and results-oriented support at all hierarchical levels. We are highly impressed by his professionalism and his expertise and social skills which is demonstrated by the fact that our staff have continually taken part in his training over many years.
— Hans-Peter Müller, HR-Director Sealed Air Central Cluster & Germany

Exclusive Tailor-made Training for International Managers, Sales Professionals and Specialists

All of my Training Programmes are carried out in English. They are for fine-tuning your presentation and communication skills and are for people who already speak English relatively well. You will develop your skills to impact your audience so that they will always remember you and your message.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU. There are 5 ways:

  • Individual coaching either face-to-face or via Zoom/Skype

  • Company-tailored programmes especially written for your individual needs

  • Small team coaching for your staff who need to give high-value presentations where a lot of money is at stake

  • Monthly 1/4 day laser coach. Short 20-minute laser telephone coaching sessions for your strategic international presenters

  • Please call me to arrange a complimentary (Free of charge) 1-hour coaching session where we can work intensively on one of your most important business or personal projects. Please call me on 0173 - 90 399 49 to arrange a session ASAP.

The most important question.




USP - Unique Selling Proposition: What makes your products/services different from others’ ?

  1. A picture paints a thousand words. We all remember pictures better than “just words.” That is why our world is full of wonderful stories like, for example, Alice in Wonderland. John uses special visuals to stimulate the creation of stories in your imagination. - As we all know, pictures help learning tremendously!

  2. Trainer with a background from a leading and famous British university – The Oxford University in England. After his MBA from the University of Oxford John Doorbar was officially trained as a teacher in the UK at a reputable university in North East England. – the University of Durham

  3. Special training in how to teach “Excellent Communication Skills”

  4. Speed up your Learning - Research shows that learning can be speeded up in special ways – Your research-based training is founded on the most modern learning methods so that your time will be used as effectively as possible.

  5. You will learn skills in how to learn more effectively - John has essential insights into how different professional people learn. 

  6. Learn about your personal learning style – As John has taught in 13 countries worldwide, he has met people with many different learning styles.

  7. You will remember more – Use of accelerated learning methods so that you remember the content easily.

  8. Remember, remember, remember – The Greeks had brilliant memory ideas. John will show you how to use these to cement information into your memory.

  9. Fun helps to learn more effectively - Reawaken your enjoyment for and love of learning.

  10. Enjoyable - “A lot of Fun” participant. Relaxed atmosphere helps you to recall more  - The fun-factor helps to maintain a Great atmosphere - Humorous elements.

  11. Great value for money. John has had clients who come back year after year because they see lots of benefits.

  12. Personal delivery by John - John Doorbar will deliver all your training programmes - no other trainers will train you or your staff other than John. I promise!

  13. Multi-media modules make for memorable material. John shows you how to keep your audience on the edge of their seats - Use of multi-media modules to increase mental interaction.

  14. You will keep awake - no chance of falling asleep! 18-minute-long modules - This helps to get optimal learning results - Each module is just 18 minutes long for best understanding and retention.

  15. Very clear goals and measuring of success helps learning - So you will have a target-oriented training.

  16. Not boring!  - Enthusiasm is infectious – Programmes are taught with enthusiasm and conviction. People often say that laughter is the best medicine. Humour also works well when we learn.

  17. Great feedback - John knows how to give clear, practical, motivating feedback. How your teacher gives you feedback strongly influences how much you learn. You will receive a special tailor-made audio learning track with feedback on all the content you have discussed.

  18. No cancellation of seminars - Arranging to attend a seminar around your busy life takes time and energy.  Just Imagine that this seminar is cancelled! All programmes and seminars will be run - 100% of my programmes take place. Always!

    IMPORTANT EXCEPTION TO THIS PROMISE: Unless I am really ill, or dead as a doornail. In case of the latter, (i.e. dead as a doornail), I will arrange a replacement.(Organised from my new home on a special cloud hopefully in the place above rather than the place below!) (But you never really know!)(Rather black English humour, I know). This promise to deliver all seminars is my commitment to you. 

  19. You learn by repeating, You learn by repeating, You learn by repeating. – So, you have after-seminar support via Zoom.

  20. No quibble money-back guarantee – If the seminar does not live up to John’s high standards you may ask for your money back.

USP? *****

* USP means Unique Selling Proposition. What is special and different about products in comparison to your competitors? The more USPs your company has, the more successful it will be.